Green Pack

Green Pack

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Beneficiary countries

Albania | Azerbaijan | Bosnia and Herzegovina | Bulgaria | Czech Republic | Hungary | Kazakhstan | Kosovo* | Kyrgyzstan | FYR Macedonia | Montenegro | Poland | Russia | Serbia | Slovakia | Tajikistan | Turkey | Ukraine

Multimedia educational materials

Inspired by the political process “Environment for Europe”, in 2000 the REC launched a programme on education for sustainable development (ESD), sponsored by Toyota. This included the development and introduction of an innovative multimedia educational kit, the Green Pack, for school teachers and their students in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Green Pack includes a variety of educational materials, such as a teachers’ handbook with lesson plans and factsheets for students, a collection of film clips, an interactive CD with extensive information on environmental topics, and a dilemma game.

Each Green Pack is adapted substantively to the particular country’s environmental context, with national and regional information supplementing the core material, and translated into the relevant language or languages. The Green Pack is developed in each beneficiary country in cooperation with businesses, government, professional organisations and NGOs in order to foster community support across society. Many donors from the international, governmental, business and private communities have supported the process.