Mjedisi Sot 155 – Issue 155

Mjedisi Sot 155

Is physical, mental and social well-being - HEALTH

March 2018 | Print | Periodical

"Health - Health Care" ... the humorous congratulation that people give each other just for a sneezing. But does our health depend only on a sincere and full-hearted congratulation of the person we have close to? When can we say we are "healthy"?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), "health is physical, mental and social well-being and not just lack of disease or helplessness."

In this context, health is an achievement and preservation of physical and mental stability, but every person is unique and sees his health related to the way of life and the surrounding environment.

The environment is a key factor for a healthier life. The air we breathe, the water that we drink, the soil that gives us food, play a determining role in human health. On the other hand, every action and choice that we make has an impact on the environment, thus creating a mutual relationship between the environment and human.

While nature and the Motherland have always tried to offer us their resources in the most sustainable way for a healthier and longer life, we did not return them to the same currency. The thirst to earn as much investment as little as possible in protecting the environment, greed to get as much from nature without respecting its rules, have left their deep traces in our environment, traces that are hard to hide without seriously injured our health.

Actions for improvement should affect all people in every corner of the globe. Let's all work together to improve our environment to improve our health.

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