Gender issues in focus of environmental information management

Çështjet gjinore në fokus të menaxhimit të informacionit mjedisor
June 2017 | Print | Factsheet

The Regional Environmental Center (REC) Albania, within the project "Establishing an Environmental Information Management and Monitoring System in Albania in accordance with Global Reporting", has prepared and distributed a questionnaire to key state institutions in Tirana and Kolonjë.

The purpose of this questionnaire was gathering specific information on environmental issues, institutional level of awareness and engagement, as well as specific involvement in raising awareness and preparing special reports in accordance with the requirements of Multilateral Environmental Agreements.

The data from this survey helped to draft a report on gender differences and the participation of local communities in environmental information.

A separate section of this questionnaire is devoted to gender issues and, respectively, existence gender mainstreaming in the institutions that were the object of this study, the level of awareness and knowledge of respondents in relation to this gender policy / document, as well as the position of women and men in these institutions and women's engagement in decision-making processes within these institutions.

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