Gender differences and civic participation of local communities on environmental information

Integrimi gjinor dhe pjesëmarrja qytetare e komuniteteve vendore në informimin mjedisor
July 2017 | Print | Book

This report is prepared in the frame of the project: “Establishing Albania’s Environmental Information Management and Monitoring System aligned with the global environmental reporting”, implemented by UNDP Albania, in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and the GEF. The project’s final goal is to develop national capacities in Albania to align its national environmental information management and monitoring system with global environmental monitoring and reporting priorities, including the compliance with the Multilateral Environment Agreements’(MEAs) reporting obligations.

The report aims to present a general overview of the national gender policies and commitments related to the three MEAs. In the meantime, the report aims to make evident women and men’s respective roles in a better informed decision-making related to the environment at household and community levels.

The recommendations provided emphasize the importance of understanding how men’s and women’s roles and gender relations change and may complement each other when coping with climate change, land desertification and biodiversity.

The need to ensure participatory planning, implementing and monitoring methods, appropriate to encourage women and men to be engaged in different processes, is also made evident in different parts of this report, as well as through specific recommendations.