REC Albania earns accreditation on ESD training for teachers

January 5, 2018 | By Genta Hoxha

Providing a multi-dimensional education is not just an alternative that produces a more 'civil' society, but is also an important means of solving many of the problems we face today. Global-level environmental issues make environmental education and education for sustainable development (or ESD) key teaching components in both formal curricula and informal settings where learning takes place.

Formal educational institutions play an important role in capacity building from an early age, providing knowledge and influencing individual attitudes and behaviour. It is important for all students to acquire knowledge of the environment and sustainable development and to learn about the impacts of decision-making processes that do not support sustainable development. Each educational institution, including students, teachers, lecturers and other staff, as well as parents, should follow environment-friendly principles.

ESD is a lifelong process: starting from early childhood, continuing through adult education and even beyond formal education. Lifestyles and attitudes derive from values obtained during childhood, so the role of education is especially important for children. Environmental education and ESD should should appear in curricula at all levels, including vocational education, teacher training, and continuing education for professionals.

Given the depth of experience that the Regional Environmental Center (REC) has in this area, the Albanian Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth, through the Commission on Accreditation of Training Programmes, has given REC Albania's Environental Eduation and ESD training modules formal accreditation. The two accredited modules are:

  1. 'Environmental Education through Green Pack', introduced in 2007 as a full curriculum on environmental education for all nine-year schools of Albania [].
  2. 'Education for Sustainable Development' through the Teen Pack, which aims to empower education, build capacities and raise awareness on sustainable development; introduced as a curriculum for high school and vocational schools [].

In 2018, REC Albania will conduct a series of environment and ESD trainings for pre-university-level teachers in all cities of the country. Also, in the new academic year, 2018-2019, REC Albania will introduce two new educational packages for the Albanian education system: 'Green Pack Junior' for primary schools, and the 'Teen Pack' for the secondary schools.

Training dates, locations and venues will be made public through the following websites: 

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